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The perfect Valentine’s gift for a powerful woman

Valentine’s day:

Usually a rainy day, wrapped up in red coloured ribbon.

Not a good day to buy roses. For many reasons that include (a) exorbitant prices due to popular demand for the most romantic flower of all time (b) long, long queues at the flower shops and (c) even if one can afford the roses and doesn’t mind spending his whole life at the counter of a packed flower shop, his better half may comment on the banality of his gesture: red roses on Valentine’s day ha ha. Is that the best you can do?

That’s because women are often greedy creatures. You commit to a relationship with them, they want marriage. You propose to them? The diamond is too small/of limited clarity/not from Tiffany’s. You pay a fortune for the wedding? There weren’t enough heur derves/champagne/waiters to go around. You offer flowers for Valentine’s day? You’re unimaginative and predictable. Sexy lingerie would be nicer, spicier, more… hmm appropriate. But that’s not all. Even if you do predict her cunning line of thought, God forbid you buy undies a size too large: is that what you think of my a**? The size of a wine barrel?

A thousand defence lawyers can’t rescue you now buddy.

Every gesture made to celebrate Valentine ’s Day has hidden dangers. That’s a fact.

There are of course many options out there for finding the best Valentine’s gift. There are teddies sure…

How sweet!

There are flowers…

Beautiful enough to get even the toughest woman’s heart moved

But truth be told, this day and age powerful women out there, have probably had all of the above and are in search for something extra. Something with a bit of an edge…

So what could constitute a fabulous Valentine’s gift for a powerful woman?

Oh God yes… but it would sort of defeat the whole purpose.

So what would satisfy these greedy, heart-wrenching creatures?

Sun Tzu says “To know your enemy, you must become your enemy,” or something like that he did say this a million years ago and in Chinese….

The powerful woman’s profile (guesstimating here):

(a)    Educated

(b)   Spent years trying to develop thick-skin to survive workplace environment

(c)    Working hours on end -even when she’s taking a bath/having her bikini waxed-nails done.

(d)   Spends a disproportionate amount of her salary on luxury goods (designer shoes/bags/shawls/dresses/swimsuits etc) and then feels guilty because she never finds the time to wear them/or because they cost a fortune and there are people who can’t afford the basics in life. It depends, on the moon.

(e)   Takes decisions that affect people’s lives on a daily basis

(f)     Likes strong, powerful men

There’s a powerful man right there. And with a sexy accent…

And that’s the problem. There aren’t many strong, powerful men out there. Not a lot of men either for that matter, but that’s a topic for another discussion.

So anyway finding someone who’s:

(a)    Smart

(b)   Sexy

(c)    Strong

(d)   With a well-paid job (aka earning at least as much as the powerful woman does)

(e)   Self-confident but not arrogant

(f)     Caring but not weak

(g)    Able to take stand and make a difference in the world

Can be quite a challenge!

So after the long search, the failed attempts at finding a suitable mate, can anyone blame these women if they search a little deeper for a meaning behind any given Valentine’s day gift, gesture or date?

They may be married, they may be in relationship, and they may even be single. But on Valentine’s day they’re all secretly hoping for a gift, a gesture or a date that will whisk them off their feet.

Ideas anyone?

Stay tuned…


366 Days of Photos

Here’s something a bit different for you. I’ve always wanted to try light painting, so I thought I’d give it a go this evening. My first attempt went surprisingly well and I’d really like to do try this again on a bigger scale – in a landscape photo perhaps.

So watch out for more of these experiments.

(and yes I am aware ‘writing’ love is rather cliché – but its a nice short word) x

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366 Days of Photos

On my merry way to Nando’s this evening I pulled up under this fly over and caught this shot. I really love the movement in the top of the trees with the long shutter speed.

I adjusted the exposure afterwards to get the colour back in the sky.

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You can simply imagine the scent of that can’t you?

366 Days of Photos


I was getting slightly worried today that I wouldn’t be able think of anything to photograph for today’s project 365.

However, I walked into my flat, saw this lovely tulip coming to the end of its life and immediately started shooting. (I’m still sitting in my coat and hat as I write this.)

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