Lipstick and powerful women: It’s all about the colour

So does the lipstick colour have any role to play in male dominated boardrooms? Any role at all?

Well, it sort of does. And no, it’s not just the women who say so, surprisingly, men say so too. Lipstick colour on women has been a favoured topic during many macho-male discussions and in particular one I happened to eavesdrop recently.

So what do men say?

They say they prefer it when women wear the nude. They think ‘hang on, that pink shade on the lips is quite interesting too’. They desire the woman wearing the red. In the boardroom. But they’ll never admit it.

Well, if that’s the case what do women say?

Women’s answers vary. More than the men’s do.

They say they like to keep it nude yet glossy for the day and during regular meetings.  A dash of pink or orange when meeting someone new and if they really, really want to reel someone in they’ll do whatever it takes. Oh, by that they mean they’ll go red.

In short, women’s answers are a bit more complicated, a bit more cunning, slightly more sensible but definitely justified.

In the end of the day, the lipstick, the make up, the hair, the clothes are all tools at women’s disposal to use in such ways as to get what they’re after. So beware ladies, and use them well.

But tools are just that: objects available for use. Where do women find the the motive to use them? What is it that drives them? Is it the thrill of the game? The satisfaction of the result?

Stay tuned…


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