The thrill of the game…

There has to be a motive behind everything we do, otherwise, what’s the point, right?

Perhaps a direct motive and an ulterior motive.

So I suppose the direct motive of going to work is to earn a living, to pay the rent/mortgage and on happier days to buy that latest Gucci handbag (preferably from via Condotti in Rome, just off the Piazza di Spagna) or that killer pair of Jimmy Choo shoes (preferably from New Bond Sreet in London).

Yet without an ulterior motive, a burning desire more immediate than the direct motive (who can wait until the end of the month to get some satisfaction?!) getting out of bed every morning to go to work would be next to impossible.

Identifying the ulterior motive is like trying to catch a fish in the sea with our bare hands. So I’ve asked my closest friends Lisa and Jean -who by the way fall well within the powerful women range- for their views:

Lisa believes that what drives powerful women to succeed, is an inexorable hunger for control. A hunger that cannot easily be tamed. Left untamed, it could lead to extreme situations such as making your husband/boyfriend/lover run for president of the United States, for instance! What better way to control the world than through the body of an appealing male? Sounding a little bit like Pinkie and the Brain there, Lisa. But I see your point…

Jean, on the other hand believes that the ulterior motive of every powerful woman is to find a suitable husband. When I explain to Jean that, powerful women usually continue to be powerful even after they bag themselves a suitable husband, she adds that in that case, their ulterior motive -a chameleon as it turns out-  is to keep the husband they have found or change him in case he proves to be somewhat undeserving.

I like to think that powerful women, love the thill of the game. The thrill of reeling someone in, of changing someone’s view, of reaching a difficult target and instead of feeling contentment to immediately move on to the next target on the list. Yes, to my mind powerful women have lists in their heads not conventional lists scribbled on bits of post-its but more like written in code form against circular dartboards in no particular order. So, to achieve their target, they play a dart-game. For what is more satisfying than the thrill of the game?


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