Valentine’s day specials: Top Ten Gift Ideas

February the 14th is fast approaching and it’s starting to rain red.  So I’ve given this quite a bit of thought and a fair amount of researching online. Those of you who don’t believe in the day and you don’t intend to celebrate it you might as well turn to another blog as you may find what follows hopelessly romantic. For the rest of you believers –who are possibly funny, sexy, interesting and happy people–do read on.

Without further ado, mes amis:

No.1 Midnight in Paris”

A bit of an obvious that one. For those who can afford it, naturally. Not that many I would expect nowadays, but anyhow. Bella’s new boyfriend surely can –but that’s another story altogether.

Paris in February is majestic. The drizzle in the morning wets the tarmac and keeps it moist enough for our shoes to splash as we hastily make our way down the streets that inspired Woody Allen. So what’s romantic about splish-splashing your way around Paris? Well, for starters your loved ones’ strong embrace as he shelters you from the raindrops and keeps you warm.

And all bets are on for dinner.  Does the place you dine in really matter when you are in the city which Hemingway called ‘A Moveable Feast’? An haute meal at Le Meurice with an array of food consultants at your disposal would be dreamy of course. But so would a snack from some deliciously sounding brasserie in Monmarte. Coupled with a scenic Seine river cruise as a desert.

No.2 “Flirting with the banal: The bouquet”

As Bella would say, there’s nothing banal about a flower bouquet. And she’d be right. There’s really nothing banal about the smell of freshly cut flowers, and the aesthetic geometry of a carefully sorted bouquet. Absolutely nothing. Flowers are innocent and rich in meaning. They convey the true beauty of nature. Quite popular with most women, in fact it is believed that a man, who takes his time to choose the flowers in the bouquet, is on a fast-track to an out-of-this-world fulfillment in return.

No.3  “Let’s take a ride on the wild side: Name a Roach”

Yes.  You can name a roach after your loved one. There are, however, doubts as to whether this gift would potentially cause a status change on Facebook but the ingenuity and originality of this gesture, could be worth a try. Not that it matters, but for me, this gesture would be good enough for a major status change. And not only on Facebook, I am afraid.

Check out the link though and decide for yourselves:

No.4 “I am waiting for you downstairs, honey. Take the rest of the day off.  We’re going on an adventure”

The adventure could be a walk couple of blocks down the road from your loved ones work. Or, a long drive to the mountains, followed by an evening by the fireplace, lavishing red wine and cheese –naked preferably, but slim underwear should do the trick too. The darkest hours of the night could have an intimate get- together in store that could spark that fireplace back on faster than pure kerosene.  The bed could be covered in red rose petals and be surrounded by numerous lit candles.

On the other hand the adventure could simply be the fact that you surprise your loved one at work. I know at least two women who would be over the moon, by this simple gesture.

No.5 “Mr. Snuggles”

Especially popular with the newly-made-an-item couples. So you’ve fancied the pants off Mr. Snuggles for ages. He finally found the nerve to ask you out, round about a month before Valentine’s day. You’re thinking ‘what should I get him? I don’t know him that long. Cheeky red trunks could be a bit much for a joke. Wait a second, he should be getting me something not the other way around.’

He’s probably thinking ‘Will a card, do?’ He’ll take a second opinion from his sister/best mate which will probably be the wrong opinion so he’ll resort to his own gut feeling. ‘A card will have to do. And a rose or two.’ But then, as the day approaches he’ll find out what his mates are doing for Valentine’s –who have probably been in  their relationships longer than he has- and he’ll think ‘s*** I should have booked us a romantic dinner at that posh place everybody’s going to’. Too late, mate. But is it?

If he’s smart he’ll do what every hot-blooded woman craves for. Go to her place, give her the card, the rose (or two), overwhelm her with kisses and suggest that they snuggle in bed for the duration of the evening watching ‘The Notebook’ or better yet listening to the Hurts.  For the saucy intervals, he’ll have to let his imagination climax.

No.6 “I love to pamper thee”

Who doesn’t love to be pampered? A spa gift voucher to an exclusive, luscious wellness centre is a strong candidate for the best Valentine’s gift. An hour of touch therapy on that tired, aching body could set the frame for some intense… negotiation over what to do next.

No.7 “The lingerie issue”

They’ve got to be black or white or red and definitely lacy. Spend a fortune, or don’t. They’re not supposed to stay on for long. You choose.

Indicatively: Eyes on the undies people…

No.8  “A book. But not just any book”

You’ve got to get her something special. If she’s into cooking there’s no point getting her Milan Kundera’s “the Joke”. Nigella Lawson’s “How to be a domestic goddess” would be a more suitable option.

Anything by Marian Keyes, Carole Matthews, Sophie Kinsella or Cecilia Ahern would be spot on if she’s an incurable romantic.

If she’s a passionate woman who gets a kick out of tantalizing romance mixed with badass adventure there’s “The Closing” by Stella K. That should keep her mind busy for a while.

If you’re lucky enough to have a wild cat for a woman there are tempting books out there that can definitely enrich your Valentine’s night. Yep, you know the kind I am talking about. With pictures too. Nop, not the Kama Sutra for goodness’ sake, we’re in 2012. We’ve learned all of the Kama Sutra positions by heart, already; haven’t we?

No.9 “We’re superstars, honey!”

To be honest, I don’t happen to know any men who would agree to posing in front of a professional photographer on Valentine’s but it still is a great idea for a gift. How many times have you thought ‘Jeez I wish I had that one fabulously perfect picture of us kissing?’ Well, now you can. And not just one, but many. On high digital resolution.

No.10 “The Ultimate Valentine’s day gift idea”

Hey guys, allow this last idea to be my personal favourite. In search for the top-of-the-gift- picks I had to turn to the true meaning of the day. And it’s about love. That agonizing sentiment we all look and live for. As such, its manifestation should always be celebrated. It doesn’t have to be a grand, fanfare occasion. Expensive or elaborate isn’t always the best.  Sure, any grand gesture should be appreciated. But hey, who hands out carte blanche appreciation cards these days? ‘I am a multi millionaire football player I can buy you a Chateau so u should be so lucky’. Not sure it works that way anymore. Football, basketball and all players aside, any grand gesture has to be accompanied with sentiment in order to be valued. It’s got to be heartfelt, genuine and pure.

These include:

Anything by Adele, a personalized Valentine’s card, a poem, a book with a dedication, a day off from work spent in between the sheets, a warm heart- to- heart hug, a walk by the seaside in the afternoon.

If you’re creative then let your imagination run wild and make your loved one smile. Remember, the only pre-requisite is that you truly love. And… that you show it. All the rest will follow like stardust.


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