What to wear in corporate meetings: a clueless girl’s guide

A black and white suit might seem to be the obvious choice. Especially for someone working in the corporate world. Make no mistake, I am no style consultant nor attempt to be, but as a person regularly participating in corporate meetings I can share my experiences of what I consider as appropriate attire.

Black and white (white being the shirt rather than the suit, otherwise we might as well be talking about Stanford Blatch’s wedding in Sex and City 2) is by far the safest choice. And  can be the most boring one as well. Waiters opt for black and white, penguins too. So, where the situation demands black and white, a dash of a livelier colour usually does the trick. Bordeaux-coloured shoes or a red shawl loosely tied around the neck are some of the options available. I admit, there is a kind of mystery in black that is seldom reflected in any other colour.

Navy blue reminds me of my grandmother. She used to wear a navy blue wrap dress all the time. It was big enough on the sides to cover her round protruding belly. Well, she didn’t wear that same one all the time, obviously. She had a couple of those dresses, exactly the same. Buying in bulk used to be a popular activity in the old days, I am told. Anyway, that dress brought out her indigo eyes and her fair complexion. Not only that though, navy blue  reminds me of hot mandarine-scented evenings wasting away in front of the television watching re-runs of ‘Keeping up appearances’ with Mrs. Hyacinth Bucket. To spice this colour up, I go for a mustardy yellow accessory such as a patent leather belt or if I want to be more discreet (say at a male-dominating meeting) yellow gold earrings and nude lip gloss.

Now who said that grey is for old people, only? Not when it’s teamed up with pastel pink it’s not. It’s old-people inclusive not exclusive! Pink could be the shirt in a light grey-coloured trouser suit, it could be the belt, the shawl, but hardly the shoes. We are going to a meeting people, not Barbie’s birthday. Lipgloss can be pink too.

Sine quibus non at all meetings in the corporate world are patience, diplomacy and ironclad determination. Because there’s bound to be someone testing you in one way or another (be it your knowledge, patience or otherwise). Without the afore three mentioned, you’re pretty much naked.


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