Corporate cat-fights

“What was that? Excuse me? Who do you think you’re talking to?”

Admittedly not an everyday occurrence. Well. Almost not. But frequent, occurrence nevertheless. And it does happen to the best of us sooner or later. Our career could be in the corporate world, in the pharmaceutical world, in the fashion world. Cat-fights are inevitable.

I wasn’t present to any hair-pulling fights yet, but I was present to a couple where that was missed by a thread. Chairs kicked, paper thrown, mobile phones that violently hit the wall. No injuries though.

Cat-fights in the workplace are a prime example of immense insecurity on a personal and professional level. The coveting of success combined with inner fears of inadequacy often lead women to misbehave. Sadly, they don’t realise that exposing themselves  like that, they make their weaknesses even more obvious to others.

A lot depend on the ethos of the workplace as well. If the workplace is a cut-throat environment then colleague-rivalry will forever linger, enhance and prosper. It is a strictly personal matter where one draws the line to such a negative influence.

There’s always the option to stay, fight and see what happens. The danger however, is that the psyche will be damaged in the meantime. And who will have won in the end?

Unless of course one has a rather, thick and impenetrable skin in which case, they better arm-up and catapult their rivals with great balls of fire.


One thought on “Corporate cat-fights

  1. I agree. It is up to the individual to determine what “channel” they are operating on. As a workplace psychologist I get letters about this type of behavior fairly often. You have to disarm the negative energy, while maintaining dignity and professionalism. The last thing as women that we should do, is fan the flame, as it leads us nowhere. Thanks for posting.

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