How to bake your corporate cake AND eat it

We’ve discussed plenty on how to make it in the corporate world. But is there a recipe that works all the time?


You can resort of course to the usual trio of hard work, long hours and sheer determination. Sadly, it is a proven fact that without good, old networking you can’t go very far.


“Just say yes… just say there’s nothing holding you back… It’s not a trick of the mind, only love,” sing Snow Patrol. Oh but it is a trick of the mind which has nothing to do with love.  Knowing when to say ‘yes’, ‘no’ ‘I can’t do that’ or ‘what the heck, I know I am being used but let’s give it a go for the greater good.’ Greater good often being solely egotistical.

There are of course the perks.


Occasionally, the bending over backwards pays off. There’s the pay rise, the bonus, the conference abroad. And then you feel fabulous. Pure acid wrapped up inside a candy bar.

But you persevere. Digging your heels deeper inside the ground. Avoiding the backstabs like a Matrix warrior. And eventually, whether you realise it or not… you win.



Disclaimer: The above pictures (all from Victoria’s Secret apart from the cake -obviously) are in no way a suggestion on how to elevate the corporate ladder. They may serve purposes of a different yet samely satisfying nature. Just a thought there…


9 thoughts on “How to bake your corporate cake AND eat it

  1. You’re so right. I started as a temp answering tech phone calls for a huge corporation a few years back. I worked hard–definitely–but the thing that got me promoted to account manager for the company’s largest accounts (after one year on the phone) was two things:

    -Being a genuinely kind, caring person (clients could always feel it, and were constantly raving to my boss about me)
    -Being able to get things done faster and better than those who came before me.

    Simply having well-rounded skills like copywriting, basic graphic design, understanding of social media and technology–it got me much farther than simply working harder.

    When I was a kid my dad always told me the key to success was “to be indispensable” to your employer. Become somebody to the company that the company couldn’t live without, and you were guaranteed a job (finances permitting).

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