A little bit of heaven… at work

It might seem an oxymoron to speak of heaven and work in the same sentence. After all, isn’t work supposed to be a slice of hell?

When the phone -or I should say phones as we tend to communicate from several lately- won’t stop ringing, when the thread of emails won’t stop growing, when the agreements to be reviewed and the requests for legal advice to be given won’t stop falling from the sky like manna from heaven, what could possibly resemble heaven?

Well, this day and age, when the Grexit isn’t simply a looming threat but more of a hard-to-face reality with, arguably, more estimated impact on the world than the Exodus of the Israelites, can we afford to be considering going to work a drag? A mundane routine to which we devote to half-heartedly?

When established financial institutions around us collapse faster than the ideals of collective socialism or the popularity of MySpace, is there enough mind-frame to even think of heaven at work?

There are little things that can keep us going. Access to hot coffee, access to cold coffee, internet access… and enough brain activity to stimulate our creativity. Even if it all boils down to finding ways to bind an agreement using solely white ribbon.

In the end of the day, we hold the keys to our own heaven at work. It is often only a matter of putting 2 + 2 together for turning our dullest, hardest chores into an interesting and rewarding past time. Sole pre-requisite? We need to get a kick out of what we’re doing. Even if it bloody means punch-holing the agreement, running the ribbon through each of the two holes in the mid-side of the agreement, then twisting it round, tieing the ribbon into a knot and trimming the edges. It’s hardly heaven but if we have to do it then we can do it with flair.

And then we can move on to other stuff like preparing our next legal advice. Over much-needed coffee.



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