Corporate Summer: The ultimate survival guide

Corporate summers are by definition… hot. Scorching. Corporate summer days go by as fast as Nascar vehicles leaving nothing behind than blood, sweat and tears. Buzzing heads and a nervous system on the brink of explosion.

Why, you ask?

Well, because every single client remembers to sell their company shares or yacht or piece of property or complex corporate structure during the three hot summer months. Right when our biological clock tick-tocks in the soothing rythm of sea waves and our body craves to be brushed against the golden sand.

So, what do you do to survive this?

What can you do? is the right response but because I hate answering a question with another question no matter how appropriate it may be on this occasion, have a look at my personal survival guide.

(a) Update the desktop background to a summer picture to cheer you up. A bit like this one.


(b) Update breakfast to include iced coffee (freddo cappuccino is my favourite) and fresh fruits.

(c) Have a regular supply of organic energy drinks for those long afternoons drenched in legal nonsense. My personal favourites are Little Miracles (especially White Tea with Cherry yum yum)


(d) Visit the beach regularly. So what if you’re off work at eight o’clock in the evening? A short ride to the beach and a walk on the sand when the sun sets should be enough to pump the brain with fresh cells.

(e) Rent the best summer movies to watch in the evening with a glass of pina colada (paper umbrella included). An ideal list of movies would include, Cocktails & Dreams, Top Gun, Captain Corelli’s Mandolin, Dirty Dancing, The Beach, Before Sunrise, Independence Day, The Dreamers (with Eva Green) and my all time James Bond favourite: Casino Royale.


(f) So how to get through the hottest week of the month when you cannot escape office quarters? Wear your swimsuit underneath work-clothes. It should trick the mind enough. Right?


If all else fails, take a couple of days leave from work, book yourself (and your significant other) a proper holiday at the nearest (or furtherst if distance isn’t an issue) destination and drink your corporate sorrows away with the numerous yummy cocktails that are available this time of the year. I would offer a list but, it would be so long that it wouldn’t do justice to the brief guide I intended to write. But, please, make sure you drink in moderation. There’s always another day for that other cocktail. Even for the most troubled legal souls out there.

Wishing you a sexy summer,

Bella Nars.


2 thoughts on “Corporate Summer: The ultimate survival guide

  1. Thanks a lot for this helpful survival guide, Bella! Whoever works in an office in a warm country will surely benefit from this 🙂

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