Travelling business class style

Is there anything worse than having to wait in a long queue before you can finally squeeze in your  economy class seat after several days on a bone-wrenching business trip abroad?


But still, when you have a chance to avoid the inconvenience you better appreciate it.

It was funny when the flight attendant asked me the other day what I’d like to drink, while holding a tray with a choice of orange juice, apple juice and… champagne. Like, was it really a matter of choice?

I gargled the champagne down and before she could finish serving the lovey-dovey couple behind me I was ready for a refill.

But that’s not all.

What I really like when travelling business class style, is the chance to explore a new business lounge. My favourites? The ones with free access to alcohol -naturally. That is not to say that one should consume as much alcohol as would poison their blood supply or have them vomiting like ignorant university students, but just enough to keep them going through turbulance without a need to be formally restrained.

I mean, what is the point of having a wall mounted bar in a business lounge with a ground-flight attendant gatekeeping it rather than letting travellers help themselves with their drinks? Prevention of alcohol abuse? Perhaps. But does such an action minimise the risk?

And then, once you’ve had a drink or two (but not more) is there anything more fulfilling those few moments of clarity before you fly, than losing your self in the latest edition of the Economist, or the Financial Times, you know, for unbiased and accurate newstelling?

Don’t count on leaving the business lounge with a full stomach though. With the recent economic crisis it seems that airports are becoming stingy -or economically reserved I should say- which translates to poor quality snacks while you’re waiting for your flight.

All in all, the priority, the comfortable seating arrangement on the plane and naturally the prompt service on board are amongst the benefits of travelling business class style.

If you’re footing the bill though, well, it all looks rather pointless from that perspective.



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