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Why falling in love with Dima was the best thing I ever did!

If you’re anything like me, you’ve had your fair share of meaningless love quests. And that, because you were always too honest, too giving, too fussy over the object of your affection that the object remained just that: a faceless, unreciprocated love quest.

So, after countless teary nights over unreturned phone calls I called it quits. Yes, I quit from falling in love. It was pointless, time-consuming, soul-consuming and above all unfulfilling. I decided, to hell with love. It may not be in the cards for me after all.

Dedicating my time to my work was the answer for me. And it wasn’t difficult to do, either.I already spent hours on end working. So, I focused on what I was good at. Researching the law for business-sense solutions, and providing my clients with innovative answers. The appreciation that came with doing my job well, was enough for me.

What’s the gratification in any of this, a cynic would ask? Well, that cynic probably never tasted the bitterness of unrequited love or the dissappointment of dating someone who is afraid to commit, or afraid to take a risk or simply boring.

I was so sick and tired of weak men who were terrified of powerful women that I decided to invest my time on my work which at least paid for my way of life.

And my new life was perfect. Or so I thought,  until I met Dima.

Strong, confident, alluring, utterly appealing. He was impossible to ignore but even more so to get near to. Admittedly, he is a difficult person to get to know well. He blames it on his line of business, which makes him a popular target more often than not.

Even though my better judgement compelled me to stay clear from Dima, and anything he stood for, it was destiny or the force of nature -I am not sure which- that melded our lives in a less than orthodox way.

And then it all went uphill from there…

Bella Nars.

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