An excerpt from THE CLOSING: Food for thought

Love comes in various shapes and sizes. But there can only be ONE GREAT LOVE. Read all about it below and in THE CLOSING.

“I take a couple of steps forward, as if under a spell.  I want to hear this voice again and again; I need to. My head is light, and well, my self-protective resolution is down the drain. Any thoughts I had of self-protection vaporise. This is his voice. I am positive of that. I would recognise it even if it came from the core of the earth. I ooze out of my cover magnetised like a bee drawn to a lily in the break of spring. The thought that I may be actually walking towards my own death passes through my mind but it is as tiny as the tip of a needle. There’s no stopping me now. This is the end of the line for me.

“Dima?” I see him only two feet away from me held by two black-clad commandos on each arm. He looks ghastly.

 “My God, Dima, what did they do to you?” He turns his head away. Shit. I must have embarrassed him.

“It…it’s OK. Oh my God, your face… Are you…?”

“Yes, I am OK,” I jump in to answer. My eyes can’t help but wander all around his face, his once beautiful face that is now badly bruised. My stomach turns from the sight of blood dripping from his nose, his slashed arms, and his ears.

“We’re not exactly…ehm… the same as last time we were together, right?”

His smile is bitter as he struggles to speak. I nod in agreement.

The Closing by Stella K. Armida Publications.


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