Gliding on ice -Bring on the magic

I’ve been an avid skater from a very young age. Mum says I skated before I even walked properly and by the looks of that tiny scar over my left eyebrow, Mum is probably right. You see, some people find it difficult to level on rollers or blades but it’s always been so inexplicably… easy for me to do. I used to get in the ring, put on the gear and glide. No fears, no second-thoughts, nothing. It was freedom in a form that was dangerous and attractive to me at the same time. The breeze blowing my hair back, the snowflakes melting on my face when skating al fresco, even my bruised knees at getting that change-foot-sit-spin right, are memories I can’t ever let go. And I miss skating. So much.

Which is why I’m pretty excited about the Young Artists Showcase that’s aimed at promoting creativity on ice among young artists who, like me, enjoy ice-skating. Unlike me, these guys are pretty excellent at what they do. They even do their own choreography.

So without further ado, click here and watch talented ice-skaters in action.

You can also vote for your favourite ice-skater until midnight EST Sunday 1st September.

My vote goes to ice-skating sensation Matej Silecky. Have a look:

Bella Nars


2 thoughts on “Gliding on ice -Bring on the magic

  1. These competitors are incredible! I don’t know who to root for. They’re all so good! I’ve started following your blog to keep up with the event. My advice to everyone is to do what you love for a living so that you never have to work. Some how there is always a way to do what you love if you’re willing to search hard enough to find it.

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