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Kiss the rain

I drove fast, I ran faster and ended up jumping over a wooden fence in order to follow Hector. Sweat was dripping down my spine like a leaking faucet. After a two-hour undercover pursuit I finally discovered where he was hiding all the times he went missing from the hotel.
He glanced backwards momentarily before entering the white beach house that separated him from the azure waters of the Mediterranean Sea. I don’t think he noticed me because I rushed behind a eucalyptus tree right on time. Damn it! Fear made my heart thump and my blood roast. The salty breeze settled onto my dry mouth and there were only a handful of things I wouldn’t do for a glass of cold water. As the wind blew stronger, the eucalyptus leaves dropped all around me while I still panted from running a marathon to get there, in the middle of summer. I sat on the pale dirt to catch my breath and waited for Hector to make his next move. I hadn’t waited too long before I heard a car engine from a distance. I fervently searched for a new hiding spot and, although I hesitated at first, I swiftly moved round the back of the house. I hid behind columns of junipers that were neatly pruned but tall enough to offer me cover. I couldn’t see the front door from this angle but I had a clear view of the driveway. Soon after, a blue E series Mercedes parked near the eucalyptus trees. Phew! That was close.
A tall blonde chick hurried out of the passenger seat followed by an even taller tattooed young man who took his time walking up to the house. He threw his cigarette bud onto the freshly cut grass, which I thought was a rather crass thing to do. I could only see them from the side, but there was something eerie about these two. They were clearly siblings. Twins, perhaps. Their faces were too far for me to tell for sure, but the way they carried themselves combined with their young age seemed to suggest a familial bond of some kind. The woman rushed inside the house as if in panic. I could hear them speak in Russian. I couldn’t tell exactly what they were on about. I understood the words, ‘danger’, ‘pain’, ‘car’ but the rest was spoken either too quickly or in a dialect I wasn’t familiar with. My cell buzzed. Dima was calling. I looked at my wrist-watch and it was already half past two in the afternoon. Shit, I had completely forgotten about our lunch date at the hotel! I had two options, one, to answer and try to explain where I had gone –which on second thought wasn’t really an option if I didn’t want to blow up my cover –or two, to text him briefly a plausible reason for disappearing. A simple dilemma. One, that under other circumstances wouldn’t trouble me much. But this time, I barely found time to consider it long enough My dilemma was interrupted by a gunshot; A single, gut-wrenching gunshot. Fuck!
I slid to the ground again instinctively, and memories of the bloodbath I’d survived in Minsk flooded my mind. I could feel my heart batter violently against my chest bones and my breath was coming to me in tranches. Fear enveloped me in completely, like an intoxicating addiction. I can’t tell if there was mayhem going on inside. I was too busy trying to calm myself but there was also an unnatural silence coming from the house. I made an effort to control my breathing and counted five minutes before seeing the young, tattooed man walk out. I watched his feet stomp across the lawny driveway in a hurry. His trainers were muddy, and I suspected the burgundy-coloured liquid embossed on his soles were blood stains. I stared at his arms thinking what a waste to have them dipped in ink but I soon concentrated on a mark I’d recognised from before. I hadn’t even finished my recollection of the Bratva mark which was proudly displayed at the back of his left arm and he was gone. He sped off in the Merc like a maniac. I crouched up mustering some courage, and observed the house from in between the branches, searching for further movement. I realised how dangerous it’d be for me to make a run for it now. My cell buzzed again. Dima must have been furious with me. I fished my phone out of my side pocket and pressed ‘dismiss’. ‘Honey, I’m soaring under the Cypriot sun’, my text message read. I was trying to buy time, but I should have known my insisting fiancée would take none of it. A second later he started calling me relentlessly. I had to turn off the phone to keep focused.

“Bella, what the fuck are you doing here?”


An excerpt from THE CLOSING: Food for thought

Love comes in various shapes and sizes. But there can only be ONE GREAT LOVE. Read all about it below and in THE CLOSING.

“I take a couple of steps forward, as if under a spell.  I want to hear this voice again and again; I need to. My head is light, and well, my self-protective resolution is down the drain. Any thoughts I had of self-protection vaporise. This is his voice. I am positive of that. I would recognise it even if it came from the core of the earth. I ooze out of my cover magnetised like a bee drawn to a lily in the break of spring. The thought that I may be actually walking towards my own death passes through my mind but it is as tiny as the tip of a needle. There’s no stopping me now. This is the end of the line for me.

“Dima?” I see him only two feet away from me held by two black-clad commandos on each arm. He looks ghastly.

 “My God, Dima, what did they do to you?” He turns his head away. Shit. I must have embarrassed him.

“It…it’s OK. Oh my God, your face… Are you…?”

“Yes, I am OK,” I jump in to answer. My eyes can’t help but wander all around his face, his once beautiful face that is now badly bruised. My stomach turns from the sight of blood dripping from his nose, his slashed arms, and his ears.

“We’re not exactly…ehm… the same as last time we were together, right?”

His smile is bitter as he struggles to speak. I nod in agreement.

The Closing by Stella K. Armida Publications.

10 reasons to read THE CLOSING

THE CLOSING by Stella K is the book I proudly star in. Here’s 10 reasons (out of plenty) why it is a must-read:

1. It’s fresh.

2. It talks about love.

3. It’s action packed yet witty.

4. It’s honest and raw.

5. Extensive readership would make the author very happy indeed!

6. It has a soul. And like every living being, it is waiting to be discovered.

7. It’s thought-provoking yet entertaining.

8. The characters have been known to stay with you long after you’ve finished reading.

9. It’s FREE to download on KINDLE Wednesday the 12th and Friday the 14th  of September.

10. The paperback has a velvety, leathery feel to it.

Now, how many other books can offer this sort of attributes?

Bella Nars.

P.S If you’re a sceptic and don’t want to take my word for it, check out the reviews on www.amazon.com and www.amazon.co.uk which may be more convincing. And those reviews are definitely NOT mine.

Why falling in love with Dima was the best thing I ever did!

If you’re anything like me, you’ve had your fair share of meaningless love quests. And that, because you were always too honest, too giving, too fussy over the object of your affection that the object remained just that: a faceless, unreciprocated love quest.

So, after countless teary nights over unreturned phone calls I called it quits. Yes, I quit from falling in love. It was pointless, time-consuming, soul-consuming and above all unfulfilling. I decided, to hell with love. It may not be in the cards for me after all.

Dedicating my time to my work was the answer for me. And it wasn’t difficult to do, either.I already spent hours on end working. So, I focused on what I was good at. Researching the law for business-sense solutions, and providing my clients with innovative answers. The appreciation that came with doing my job well, was enough for me.

What’s the gratification in any of this, a cynic would ask? Well, that cynic probably never tasted the bitterness of unrequited love or the dissappointment of dating someone who is afraid to commit, or afraid to take a risk or simply boring.

I was so sick and tired of weak men who were terrified of powerful women that I decided to invest my time on my work which at least paid for my way of life.

And my new life was perfect. Or so I thought,  until I met Dima.

Strong, confident, alluring, utterly appealing. He was impossible to ignore but even more so to get near to. Admittedly, he is a difficult person to get to know well. He blames it on his line of business, which makes him a popular target more often than not.

Even though my better judgement compelled me to stay clear from Dima, and anything he stood for, it was destiny or the force of nature -I am not sure which- that melded our lives in a less than orthodox way.

And then it all went uphill from there…

Bella Nars.

You can read all about it here:


The Closing -1st promo day…

It’s been a hell of a day. Busy, pressing, exciting.

The first promo day of the Closing and I couldn’t be happier.

And I know, this is just the beginning…

If you haven’t downloaded it yet, do hurry up… Free Kindle offer ends tomorrow morning.

Here’s the link:


And I am supposed to be getting ready for press interviews and the like. I mean just because the author wants to avoid them does that mean I need to take centre stage? Oh well…

By the way, don’t’ let the pink on the book cover fool you… The Closing is NOT for the faint-hearted… Just wait till you get to Chapter 20 and you’ll know what I am talking about. The troubles I had to go through for this closing… Not a salary in the world could cover.

Have a sexy weekend everyone,

Bella Nars.

It’s here and it’s fictionally real!

After months and months of preparation “The Closing” made it’s royal debut on May 8th 2012.

Check out this link for more information on what “The Closing” by Stella K is all about:


Bella Nars.