Who is Bella Nars?

Bella Nars is the leading character of the recently published novel “The Closing.”

A force of nature in her mid-twenties, she enjoys tidying up shabby shareholders’ agreements and negotiating share purchase terms as much as she enjoys mix matching clothes from Topshop and Burberry. No river is too deep, no mountain is too high for this aspiring corporate lawyer.

Luck isn’t always a friend of Bella Nars and her unlucky streak accentuates when she has to fly to Moscow for the closing of a transaction that is fixed on her birthday.

Fate has other plans in store for Bella Nars. As she struggles to survive the avalanche of events that unfold before her, she begins to question the values that once defined her.

An incessant source gives her the strength to endure the hardships. Even when her life actually depends on it. But for how long can Bella continue to flirt with a devious game of Russian roulette, in the name of love?

Is luck a fantasy that Bella Nars knows only to well to blame? Or is she simply too blind to recognise the truth from the lies?



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